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Email Limits sent from managed package

Hi Experts,


I have created method which sends email from Manage package. i have installed that manage package into Enterprise edition org. but issues here is that i am able to send maximum 1000 emails from the system in day. is this correct? or do i need to do some configurations ?


Please help.

Jerun JoseJerun Jose
Check out the link

You can send a max of 1000 emails to external addresses per day.

Salesforce says 1000 per user per day but i m able to send only 1000 emails in day is this correct ?

Jerun JoseJerun Jose

Outbound Email: Limits for Single and Mass Email Sent Using Apex

You can send single emails to a maximum of 1,000 external email addresses per day based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Single emails sent using the application don't count towards this limit.

You can send mass email to a total of 1,000 external email addresses per day per organization based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The maximum number of external addresses you can include in each mass email depends on the Edition of Salesforce you are using:


The number of licenses doesnt factor the limit.

Hii hitz,

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