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Developer Console error when logged in as non-admin


I am trying to debug a permissions issue in my apex code, it only happens when the user has only got access to the contact through a sharing rule.


So I use the login from the list of users to login as the restricted user.

But when I then go to the developer console I get the message "Error loading configuration: Server Error"


I don't have the developer console available when I log in straight as the restricted user, because giving him "View all data" would hide the error.


How do I get rid of the "Server error" message?



Hi Flilikin,


The permissions mentioned in the following KB article need to be provided to the user who wishes to accesss Devloper Console:


as I said in the original posting - giving "View all data" is not a solution as it would hide the error

Sorry if I misunderstanding..


I got what you are saying but as the Note on the article says:


Note: As an Admin who has these permission, logging into a user using granted login access will allow you to see this option under the drop down.  Even though YOU as the system admin can see it, if the user does not have VIEW ALL & AUTHOR APEX, they will not be able to see it via normal login.


So I believe you(as an admin) need to have these perms and not the user whom you are loggin in as..





that's what I was hoping, but I tried it and got the server error.
I could be wrong, but I think I was able to do this last year.
Thomas DvornikThomas Dvornik
Your right Filikin, this used to be possible. Not sure when this started happening, but I have heard other reports and can repro it myself. Can you file an issue? It will help prioritize the bug.

In the meanwhile, probably the workaround (and not a great one at that) is to use the Monitor Log page in setup and workbench.
done, the case number is 09473588
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