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Replace case comments page with visual force



Is it do-able to replace the standard case comment related list and replace it with a custom visual force page?


And if it is possible how difficult it is?


Thank you.

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Rajesh ShahRajesh Shah

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To replace the list you  need to overrider the view case action with a custom visualforce page. Take a look at the <apex:detail> Visualforce tag.
Rajesh ShahRajesh Shah
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Thank you Rajesh. This solved the problem even-though I am still chasing some rendering bugs and problems.


You can follow up here: http://community.salesforce.com/sforce/board/message?board.id=Visualforce&message.id=17701&jump=true#M17701

Praveen JhaPraveen Jha
Rajesh what is that link which you have posted ?? and one of the fool selected as a best answer