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Watermarking in PDF

Hi, I am creating a pdf document using VF.In this pdf, i m placing the image in the first page.In addition to this, i have to make the image as watermark in the document.So i dont know how to give the watermark for the image using css...If anyone knows about this pls share.. Thanks, Priya



I had a similar problem and found a way to display the watermark with text over the top.  It's not ideal but might be a workwround you can use.  In your first line of the html of the page use:


<img src="{!URLFOR($Resource.TrainingCertificates, 'Background.JPG')}" style="position: fixed; left: 0cm; top:0cm; z-index:-1" width="21cm" height="29.7"/>


I stored the images in static resources (has to be in a zip file).  The $Resource. references the folder name and the "Backgroung.JPG" is the image name.  The image name is case sensitive (even to the JPG or jpg) - it won't display if you get the case wrong.


Hopethis helps.  I'd still like a nicer solution to this!

sophian smithssophian smiths
Hello, I too got a PDF watermark software but as you said that you got the file on server so it won’t be helpful to you. But if you got a PDF document and wish to add text or image watermark on it then go with this tool. Sorry for not being helpful I will suggest you to use a Add Watermark in PDF tool to add text watermarks into PDF files online for free. https://www.osttopstapp.com/pdf-watermark.html