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Multiple Lookup to Self (Error: Unknown property 'VisualforceArrayList.FieldName')

I have a custom object Responses__c and have four custom lookup fields that look up to the same object.


Responses__c        Custom Object

  • Answers_View__c        Lookup(Response)
  • Points_Map__c        Lookup(Response)
  • Points_View__c        Lookup(Response)
  • Questions_Map__c    Lookup(Response)

These look up field represents four differrent record type. A Response record may be any of the four and must have values on all the other three lookup fields. for example,an Answers View record type must have values on Points_Map__c, Points_View__c and Questions_Map__c on the otherhand a Points Map record type must have values on Answers_View__c, Points_View__c and Questions_Map__c and so on.


The problem is, in my visual force page I can only use




The other fields returns an  error  Error Error: Unknown property 'VisualforceArrayList.FieldName'





Here is how it looks like from the Apex explorer










NVM this. It turns out, it was how I created the look up fields.