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Best way to display a field that is very large vertically with other fields in a second column

Imagine that I have 2 columns and a very large field that stretches quite a bit vertically. Instead of having lots of dead space on the right I would like to be able to place several columns of information.


I have a pretty good idea how I would solve this if I was using straight HTML, but I do like the ease and styling afforded when using Visualforce tags. What is your reccomendation for providing displaying a 2 column display of information similar to what I described above?


If this were straight HTML I could create 2 divs side by side populate the left with the large field and the right side with a table with several rows. (is there a way to accomplish this easily and still continue to use Visualforce tags and VisualForce styling? I suspect if I add Divs and put VF elements in a smaller space then intended it will result in some messed up formatting.


Ok I was able to get 95% of the way there by using  PanelGrid and PanelGroup tags. I created one group for the large field, and a second group for the fieldset. I then tossed in a PageBlockSection with 1 column and it looks reasonably decent.


Now I just need to figure out the best way to align the PageBlockSection (Second Panel Group) vertically on the top and I should be where I need to be.