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Calendar field popup issue in VF page section

HI there,


Any Ideas why the calendar gets chopped off when in a field within a  <table> ? It does not happen within a <apex:pageblocktable>, but that would not work for me as I'm using the table to align fields in 03 columns. :)



And this is pretty much how the table goes in the VF:


<apex:form id="f1" >
<table width="90%" columns="3" align="left">

<td align="right"><b>PM Owner: </b></td><td align="left"><apex:inputField value="{!Projects__c.PM_Owner__c}" /></td>
<td align="right"><b>PM Start date:</b></td><td align="left"><apex:inputField value="{!Projects__c.PM_Start_Date__c}"  /></td>

.. and so on...

 Any ideas?  Thanks!!



Suresh RaghuramSuresh Raghuram

if the pageblock table did not allow more than 3 columns  you can prefer

<apex:pageblocksection  columns="3">


</apex:pageblocksection >


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