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Reply ASAP : VF Page for Account record searching using SOQL


Create a VF page on which show below 4 filed for search criteria, and n clicking on search button all the matched record will be listed in the tabular manner



Billing City

Billing Country


Search button


Search by Name (use like)

All accounts that matched show them pageblockTable


Other section

Give total accounts count

 total searched Account count

min / max / avg  field value for searched account

Accounts searched - created last 1 month (no hardcoding / system.date)



the screen are like this




this is next part of screen shot


<apex:page id="ideapage" showHeader="false" standardStylesheets="false" controller="EmployeeCntrl1">
<apex:outputfield value="{! mindob}" />

 But as far as I can see your values will be null on page load. Shouldn't AgeCal() be called from your constructor ?