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Format Header Color and Background in pageBlockTable



I have a VF page using a pageBlockTable.  I would like to format the header ("GENERAL INFORMATION") to change the text color and background but none of the formatting I enter seems to work.  I'm pretty sure it's a simple thing, but I can't figure it out.  Any ideas?  Thanks,


        <apex:pageBlockTable columns="2" value="{!Client__c}" var="score" style="width:100%; font-size:14pt">


                <apex:column headerValue="GENERAL INFORMATION" style="width:60%; font-weight:bold; font-size:10pt">
                    <br>Client Name:</br>
                    <br>Watch List:</br>
                    <br>Projected Annual Revenue:</br>


                <apex:column style="width:40%; font-size:10pt">
                    <br><apex:outputlink value="https://cs1.salesforce.com/{!score.Client_Name__c}">{!score.Client_Name__r.Name}</apex:outputlink></br>
                    <br><apex:outputfield value="{!score.Watchlist__c}"/></br>
                    <br><apex:outputfield Value="{!score.Projected_Annual_Revenue__c}"/></br>




Have you tried using firebug to inspect the DOM elements to see how the CSS is coming out? It's possible your styles are being stripped out in the rendering, or overridden by higher priority styles.


I use it for any of the front end styling I have to do.



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