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How to show User Local Wise Date Format On Visual Force Page

I have one field with name "Note" having Long Text Area(32768)" data type on Transaction custom object. i have created button on this object to update this value append the text with previous one.this field store the value as Last Modified User Name and Date.


        For Example : Note ==> Last Modified By XYZ on 06/21/2012


The date displayed in this field is fixed in ( MM/DD/YYYY) format but i want to display date format as per User local. means if User local is "English (United Kingdom)" then date value shoud be in DD/MM/YYYY. ex Note ==> Last Modified By XYZ on 21/06/2012


Please , anybody help me to write the code which is dynamic to display date format as per User Local in Visualforce page. 


See this post on StackExchange: Visualforce locale specific date format