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entity is not org-accessible errors

There are a few more case where this non-descript error is thrown.


[1]  If you don't have a <apex:messages /> declared in the page of the controller and you add a Apexpages.add to your apex you will get this error with out a line number

[2] If you leave off a system name spacce like ApexPages  (e.g., new Message( ...) instead of  new ApexPages.Message (...) you will also get this error


Would be very helpful the error included the specific name of the object or method that can't be resolved.


You need to raise this with Salesforce - these are the community developer boards so while they are run by Salesforce its probably not the best place to ask for these types of changes.


I'd suggest you add this as an idea on the idea exchange (after checking that there isn't an existing one you can vote on) at: