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ChangePassword page

I have completely built a customized site login/registration for my customer portal, but just have one outstanding issue.  When the user clicks forgot password, it emails them a new password.  Once they log back into the portal through the custom login page, it immediately redirects them to:  _ui/system/security/ChangePassword.


The problem is that I cannot customize this page.  

I also created a custom ChangePassword page and named it ChangeUserPassword and assigned it to the Login Setting ->  Change Password Page in my site.  But it does not use this page.  It always redirects to _ui/system/security/ChangePassword once the user logs back in.


I have also set the only Enabled VF Page to be the ChangeUserPassword page.  


Is this _ui/system/security/ChangePassword page not cusomizable?  


I am experiencing this same issue and have noticed some others on the Salesforce StackExchange site mentioning the bug as well; could anyone from Salesforce weigh in?