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Authorization Required page when error on the page

Users of the site are experiencing Authorization Required  page in case of the error on the page. In documentation https://na7.salesforce.com/help/doc/user_ed.jsp?loc=help&target=sites_error_pages.htm&section=integrate I found the following:


Authorization Required Page—The page users see when trying to access pages for which they do not have authorization.

Generic Error Page—The page users see when encountering generic exceptions.


I'd like to shiw to the users Generic Error Page when error has occured. How can I achive this?




Mikhail Ivanov


we found the same behavior (authorization required page shown on uncaught exceptions)


I think the Generic Error page might be broken functionality, as we have this configured to use the page called "Exception", which is also visible to the site.

Hi Mikhail Ivanov,

   If you want to give generic error page,create vf pages as you like and add that to related site profile.

now click on sites-->specific site label.You will get site detail page.In that below you can see error  pages section.click on page assaignment.you will get a screen where you can change error pages as shown in image below

if this provides you with useful information and if this is what you where looking for then please mark it as a solution for other benefits.User-added image