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Give access to Contact object for Site Guest User



On my site I should get contact records but in my instance Contacts have 'Controlled by Parent' value and accounts have 'Private' value in Organization-Wide Defaults settings. What is the easiest way to give access to Contacts for Site Guest User in that case? I can't change Organization-Wide Defaults settings for account and contact.


I believe you can add the Site user to a public group.

Himanshu NimjeHimanshu Nimje
Kindly Create One public group for your Site Guest Users and give only Read Access to contact object .
YOu will be able to complete the survey .

Please mark this as best Answers .if solution works
Himanshu NimjeHimanshu Nimje
Hello Miha,

can you let us know if you found a solution  or the above said solution works ?