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Jonathan HildebrandtJonathan Hildebrandt 

SAML SSO Support for Outlook Plugin, Offline Client, and Mobile login?

We are looking to enable SSO within our Salesforce.com org.  We understand there are 2 ways to utilize SSO.


  • SAML via the Browser
  • Delegated Authentication [APIs] - via custom development or we could utilize Ping Federate Connector [company currenty supports this]

Our requirements state that the User ID for all entry points into Salesforce.com [Browser, Mobile, Outlook, and Offline] utilize the numerical SSO ID we use internally within the company.  We understand the defualt configuration utilizes email addresses [standard user name of Salesforce.com] even with SSO enablement.


We would like there to be SAML based authentication for all entry points into Salesforce.com [Browser, Mobile, Outlook, and Offline].  Is this on the roadmap?  If not, any concerns as to why it is not?




This is definetly a requirement that we hear from customers, and we are working towards it.   It will of course take time to get there :-)


is there a roadmap you can share ? (of course along with safe harbor statement )


Safe Harbor


The core login services now support this in Spring 11.   Most of our chatter clients are now working or soon to be deployed.   Salesforce for Outlook is targeting Summer 11.    Other clients are still TBD