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How to tell user came as SSO


Is there a way to tell programmatically that a user logged in via (SAML) SSO?  Our users  have a choice of regular login, or via SAML SSO.  The type of login is reflected in the user login history log.  Is there a way to tell in code?  The reason for this is to have a different navigation/behavior, depending on type of login performed.   thank you!!




Did you figure this out? I have the same issue that I need to know the context of the user at runtime to control which objects to render.


I have code that allows me to identify those that have a Customer Portal User login by looking at the User SObject but if the same user is also a regular user they will have both a portal Profile AND a regular Profile and we have no way of knowing which is being used at that time. At runtime which one are they running with?  Is there a flag that tells us a user  logged in via the Portal versus the regular login?


Anyone figured this out?