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URL not working in custom list button

Hello ,


I am trying to use a url in list button on the basis of some condition .But its showing error 'URL can not be found'.

I thnk need to decode the URL , but dont knw how to do it .Please help


this is what I am doing


{!IF(C_Job__c.mid__c = "ap","/00U/e?what_id=a0PU00000004oBV&retURL=%2Fa0PU00000004oBV" , "https://www.google.com")}

Ankit AroraAnkit Arora

Per my understanding you are executing a Javascript on list button and redirecting to the specified URL


So syntax should be something like this :


if('{!C_Job__c.mid__c}' == 'ap')
     window.location.href = "/00U/e?what_id=a0PU00000004oBV&retURL=%2Fa0PU00000004oBV" ;
     window.location.href = "https://www.google.com" ;

 Be careful with while using javascript as it is case sensitive. And make sure when you use any field in java script you use '{!FieldAPI}' .


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many thankf for reply , but I don't want it hard core ..for example my req is



I have three layout secondary, higher secondary , graduate

one list button  “quick education page “

one text field “education type”   secondary, higher secondary , graduate

 All in  case object

So if the value is selected as secondary so after clicking on quick education page..the secondary education layout should open


And I don’t want to use V/F page for that .. either by URL or by Java script


I hope you understand my requirement