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Need Help on Select From Where Statement for S-Control

I hope someone can help me point to correct direction for this problem
Using Ajax Toolkit I have been able to successfully generate the results from the Select Statement below

sforce.connection.query("SELECT Id, Name, cmi__Selected_Color__c, cmi__Selected_Color_Qty_del__c,   cmi__Production_Order_No__r.Id, cmi__Production_Order_No__r.Name, (SELECT Id, Name, cmi__Color_Name__c, cmi__Ctn_Nos_Packed__c FROM R00N50000001cypTEAQ), (SELECT Id, Name, cmi__Color_Name__c, cmi__Ctn_Nos_Packed__c FROM R00N50000001cpNnEAI), (SELECT Id, Name, cmi__Color_Name__c, cmi__Ctn_Nos_Packed__c FROM R00N50000001cypOEAQ), (SELECT Id, Name, cmi__Color_Name__c, cmi__Ctn_Nos_Packed__c FROM R00N50000001cyDIEAY) FROM cmi__Packing_List__c",callback);

Packing List is the Master Object in question, Production Order No is the Parent, and
are the Child Objects.

In this case, one Production Order No (Parent) can have several Packing Lists (Master). What I tried to do using the WHERE clause is to get say if there are 6 Packing Lists associated with the Parent, I would like the result to show only this particular Parent Record with its data on the 6 Packing Lists and the associated Child Object information. Could someone please help me point out how the WHERE clause should be handled

I have tried this but it does not output any record -

WHERE cmi__Production_Order_No__r.Id='{!cmi__Packing_List__c.cmi__Production_Order_NoId__c}' AND cmi__Production_Order_No__r.Name='{!cmi__Packing_List__c.cmi__Production_Order_No__c}' ",callback);
Any advice would be highly appreciated
Thanks in advance


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