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scontrols being run only by adminstrator


I have a problem I have created a  scontrols, which I am running through custom button link.

The button is visible to all the users in my organisation, but when they run the scontrol in the existing window with side bar.

The window and side bar appears and the rest of the screen just blanks out.

I have checked all the field level permissions they are perfectly all right.

Please help me out.

Thanks in advance.


Message Edited by Amitabhleo on 10-08-2007 04:21 AM

Do you can show your code or describe what exactly your s-control do?
Dear Kanak,

Details of the s control

My s-control runs from the Opportunity detail page custom button link. It does the following :
  1. Queries the Opportunity Line item (for the Opportunity Id) from Opportunity detail page.
  2. Totals a formula field (Gross Contribution)
  3. Populates this Gross contribution in a GC field in the Opportunity.
This s-control works fine from the administrative login.

Thanks and regards,

It is very strange! Problem like this can appear when field-security level is not fine. I recommend to you make debug points. If you don`t have any tool, you can insert to your code alert("blablabla") as example . You can understand where the problem is.
 Thanks all,

I had not enabled the API for my users.