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Pink TacoPink Taco 

How to stop visibility of inactive accounts for all users except admin.?

Hi All,

     What are the steps not to show inactive accounts to all users. Tried the sharing rule making new group and added the settings. But didn't worked out.. 


Provide some light on that.




Cory CowgillCory Cowgill

If you have inactive accounts and you only want the admin to see them you could do the following:


 1. Check your OWD (ORganization Wide Default) Security Settings (Setup -> Security Controls -> Sharing Settings). For the Account object it must be set to PRIVATE. Before you do this make sure you read up on Security & Sharing Settings.


2. When an Account is set as InActive, change the OwnerID to the Administrators Id. You could do this in either a Workflow Rule or a Apex Trigger. Once it is assigned to the Administrator it should no longer be seen by other users.


That should generally make the record invisible to all users except the Admin. 

Pink TacoPink Taco
Hi Cory,
There is field named Flag. I actual need is if I tick mark the checkbox true, that related account should be accessible by admin users only not the others users related to roles. I need it to be specific with roles.

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