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Missing configuration feature under My Domain in Full Copy Sandbox

I am trying to configure SSO using Okta as Identity Provider. I am testing SSO in Sandbox and found one of the feature is missing in Sandbox. 

When we configure My Domain, in production we have option to select  


Use the following Authentication Service: My SAML IDP or Login Page. 

However, same option is not available in Full copy Sandbox when I created My Domain in Sandbox. 

Could you please let me know how to enable this feature in Sandbox? 

Appreciate your help. 




Are you not able to get the drop down with these two values:


Login Page



If you are not able to see My SAML IDP, check the following:

1)SAML is enabled in your ORG

2)SAML login URL is entered in the SAML settings


Once this is done, please check if you see the drop down with both the values available:  


Login Page

Thank you for the reply.
Yes, SAML is enabled and configured properly. I am able to login to the
Salesforce instance from the Identity provider's page. However, If I click
on deep link its not redirecting to Identity provider's page to
authenticate the user.
I am assuming that this might be because of this pick list which is not
available in Sandbox.
Deep links are working fine in production where I have select My SAML IDP.