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sushant sussushant sus 

not able to create master detail relation in custom object

i have two object A and B


object B  has 2 mater detail and 2 lookup relation


now when in object A I want to create master detail relation ship with object B . But in second stepof creating (choose the related object )


it is not showing object B .. to choose


please give me some reason for this  why it is not showing


What ?


You can never have a cyclic Master Detail Relationship 


Object A ===M-D====> Object B

Object B ===M-D====> Object A


1. Can you please let me know Master object Name of  Master detail field on object B ?

2. same query for A

3. any object can not have more then 2 master detail field on it.




Your object B has two Masterdetail object means it is a junction object and according to rules a juction object can not be a master of other object.


This link will help you.


find this line : in below link


A junction object can't be on the master side of another master-detail relationship.







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