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S- control Help

Message Edited by bikla78 on 04-22-2008 01:47 PM
hi dear .. i am facing the same situation here. i need the same thing. but the only difference is that i have creates a couple of S-Controls ,. so keep in touch i hope that we can mutually find some way out..  please share the email
Edit pages are not extensible and cannot host custom ui logic. You can only to what you are attempting by creating an scontrol that "starts" the oppty creation process by providing the functionality that you want.  Once you have the oppty name, your scontrol would send the user to the edit oppty edit screen, pre-popultating the name field.
I have an scontrol that updates a previouly created opportunity name based on the products tied to the opportunity and provided the scontrol to the user as a custom link. They could create the opportunity and save it, then click the custom link to update the name.