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Link for Google Maps S-Control

There used to be a place on crmsuccess.com that had an s-control to link Salesforce to Google Maps.  I have scoured crmsuccess.com, the appexchange and these forums to find the link to the code, but it's not anywhere to be found.  I came across a few links, but they were all dead ones.

Can someone post the official location of this s-control?  Salesforce, how about putting it on the AppExchange?

These links are taken from CRMSuccess.com.  Both would be a link on the contact page

Standard Map

Directions from the user’s address to the contact’s address.

Take a look at the Account Research component found on Appexchange.  Contains google maps and more...

Greg HGreg H

The information provided by wkuehler is good for using the web links on a contact/lead/account page but if you are looking for the actual scontrol to embed Google Maps in salesforce.com and plot leads, contacts or accounts then you may find the following links useful:

The functionality of Google Maps is dependant on a "key."  Basically, each domain must register with Google so that the maps will actually work on that specific domain's pages.  Since we are all using the same domain (salesforce.com) you will need that particular key.  The actual key is ABQIAAAAyvuDE3cInIp_bZEA9yRGHBSysZMVFY5q3dLQQnH0kAopxTb6fRQK2cICvO3Epxfuk3a1qXeWFEpOzQ and for the sake of being clear you will need to include the following line in the <HEAD> of any scontrol using Google Maps:


<script src="http://maps.google.com/maps—file=api&amp;v=2&amp;key=ABQIAAAAyvuDE3cInIp_bZEA9yRGHBSysZMVFY5q3dLQQnH0kAopxTb6fRQK2cICvO3Epxfuk3a1qXeWFEpOzQ" type="text/javascript"></script>
Hope this helps,