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Help with redirect new buttom with params

    Hi, this is my problem:

I redirect de new buttom to the new page but i give two values to two fileds but one of this fileds is a lookup field and this executed the shearch and it return a error. I understand the error but can i give values to shearch field within execute the search when load the page.

Greg HGreg H
Pass the Id of the record for the lookup to the hidden field on the page with "_lkid" as the last part of the name of id element.  It is hidden so you'll need to look at the source code of the edit page to find the proper parameter to use in your button.
As an example if you wanted to pass the account to the to the Opportunity edit page on a button click you would pass the account id to the field "opp4_lkid".  Salesforce will auto-fill the account name as long as your account id matches an existing account record.
It works fine Grag, thank you