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Use of Salesforce Platform Criteria

Am I correct in thinking that there is no specific platform feature that must be used.  It's just that using more of the platform increases our scoring for this criteria?


You should use as much of the platform as makes sense for the app that you are building. Remember, the salesforce platform includes Heroku, Force.com, Exact Target, Radien 6, Go Instant and probably a couple more that I've missed.


What about the opposite scenario where the use of certain Salesforce Platforms and/or metadata is explicity required-does the app need to work specifically with a base-level Salesforce org sans add-ons/customizations or is it okay to have the app be dependent on these tools? For example, could the app be dependent on the installation of a managed package containing a required custom object and an ExactTarget Marketing Cloud account? I suppose the first could be handled through the Metadata API, but you get the idea... :-)

Good. So the corollary of the answer above is that if you just want to use Force.com like database.com, that's cool.