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How to refresh custom console components?


I have created a visualforce page which is displaying list of articles. It is actually a search page with a few search filter. In search result seaction, I am display Article Title and its corresponding View Count which I am quering from KnowledgeArticleViewStat object. User should be redirected to the article detail page once he clicks on Article Title (created as hyperlink)

I have put this page as right side custom console component on the case page layout. I am not to able to refresh this custom console VF page once user gets redirected to the Article details page by clicking Article Title hyperlink. Basically ViewCount gets incremented by 1 whenever user clicks Article Title and goes to its detail page. I want to refresh the custom console component such that incremented value of ViewCount can be displayed.

Can someone help me on this?

Thanks in advance.....

Did you try refreshing using AJAX tool kit? Please share your code for better understanding.