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salesforce Integration in iPhone native App

I want to integrate salesforce into my native iPhone App and implement a feature such as share a article on salesforce by clicking on a button. i want to display the salesforce login screen if the user is not logged in and if the user is logged i want to share the article on salesforce(similar to sharing on twitter or facebook). All the samples that i've seen shows salesforce login screen as first screen of the App bu subclassing Appdelegate. i want the salesforce login to be displayed on clicking of the button. Please guide me on this or some tutorial as i am quite new to iOS development.
Justas SerstkovasJustas Serstkovas

Hi Vivek,

What you need is to add Salesforce Mobiile SDK into your project first.

Please go to 
to abtain the latest code.

Please note that you have to clone the git repository and also pull all the submodules (just downloading the zip from GitHub will not work).

There are description in the "README.md" file.

I believe there should be no problem to use step "Configuration" described in the readme file in any view controller you want. Just include mentioned header and drop in "For example:" code into you IBAction. Just don't forget to update client Id and URI to those you did setup on Salesforce developer website (connected app has to be created to obtain these).