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Visual force Page - Very Urgent


I am working on development side (Visual force page). Here I am trying to show the customize reports based on months, groups from the custom objects. Here I have almost 5 groups in the page with 5 rows in every group.

I am showing main modules and also sub modules based on the groups, months. My problem is I am not able to show the sub module under main group. I am getting the sub module in another main group.

For Eg: Assume that, Test is the custom object. In this I have two fields Test1, Test2
so, here iam showing test1 group has a main module and test2 has a sub module on the page
data is like  for test1 : A, B, C
data is like for test2 : A1, B1, C1

Need to show these data hierarchical way.

As, A1 is under A, B1 is under B, and C1 is under C 
but I am getting the data has A1 is under is C vice versa.

So, Can any one suggest me how to approach this way.

Thank You!!!!
VikashVikash (Salesforce Developers) 

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