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Can we upload un-managed component from managed package

Hello All,

I have one Package org and it have managed package (testmanagement) it holds several components, when I install 'testmanagement' url in customer orgs all new components or existing compoments will be updated in customer orgs.

My requirement is to upload one un-manage class from managed package. for example I have a class in package org with 'DataLoadAccounts' and have required coverage, now I want to install the class in customer orgs with un-manage version.(user is able to edit the class)

If I add 'DataLoadAccounts' class to package the class is converted to managed version in customer orgs. My goal is the class should be editable in client orgs (custsomer orgs) we expect some changes in the class so the class is require un-manage version.

Do we have any steps to acheive this? please provide your inputs if you have any!!
You can't unmanage elements from a managed package.

I think you'll need to produce an unmanaged package in a different org.  Create a new developer org, then install the managed package, then write your class and then create an unmanaged package that contains just the class.  Then you can deliver the unmanaged package to anyone that has already installed the managed package.
Hello Bob,

Thanks for response. As per your comemnts I need to create new developer org and create un-manage class and do the package. The customer org have 2 packages (1-existing one with managed package, 2-newly created one from new developer org with un-manage version). Is it true!!