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Field History Not Working - Caused by Trigger?

I am experiencing an issue where "field history" records are not being created when fields are changed.  I am certain the fields are being tracked on the object.

I am wondering if this issue might be caused by a trigger?  I have a trigger that fires AFTER Update and makes some edits to a child master/detail record when this update happens based on the changing of these fields as well.  There ARE Roll-Up Summary fields b/w the two object so the update on the child record causes a save event on the parent record as well.

Could this secondary save event on the parent record be what is causing the history record to not be created?  I would have figured that record would be created BEFORE the trigger record actually fires. 


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So, I don't think you really read my question as that link really didn't explain anything other than HOW to set up field histroy, which I said above I have already set up.

Thanks anyways Magu.