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CSS Display property control within a related List

Hello everyone,
I am struggling with the following. Thanks in advance for your help.
Goal: My contact object allows to load a picture of the contact. In a related list of contacts, I need:
- the picture of the contact to be displayed if it exists. The contact.URLPicture1__c URLType field is auto-populated by a trigger with https://www.ccnfr.org/personsb/contactId.jpg  . A PHP mechanism allows to load a real picture on the server at this address.
- OR a default picture such as https://www.ccnfr.org/personsb/CCNPersonDefaultPicture.jpg  if the picture had not been loaded yet.
How can I  acheive this?
My VF page so far, which does not work (except when  there is only ONE contact in the list).
Is a wrapper a solution? Thanks in advance for your suggestions / help.

<apex:pageBlock >
<apex:pageBlockTable value="{!contactList}" var="con" id="contable" >
<apex:column  >
<img src="{!con.URLPicture1__c}" style="display:none;" id="URLPic1" onload="pic1F()" />
<img src="https://www.ccnfr.org/personsb/ccnvehicledefaultpicture.jpg" style="display:inline;" id="URLDefPic1" />
var URLPic1JS = document.getElementById("URLPic1");
var URLDefPic1JS = document.getElementById("URLDefPic1");
function pic1F(){  ///if this runs, it is because URLPicture1__c exist = the real picture that I need to display
URLPic1JS.style.display = 'inline';
URLDefPic1JS.style.display = 'none';

All suggestions are welcome. Thanks. Jerome
Hi , 

I dont think this can be achived only thorough Visualforce, you have to use a controller and put the logic in apex code. 

See the code in the blog below,