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Pintu FrancisPintu Francis 

Is it possible to add some additional data to Quote template on the fly?

I have a Quote Template where I have set few fields from quoteLineItem, Product etc. to display, but I have a requirement that we should be able to add some details manually to some field, for example, add some more personalised info to description of Product when we generate Quote pdf from an existing template. Is that possible directly? or is there any workaround idea to achieve this?
I think the below is possible:

You can customize the process of generating a quote - have a Visualforce page to show the template with editable fields(like the description you mentioned) and then have a button to generate the PDF.
Pintu FrancisPintu Francis

Yes, that will defenitly work.

I am checking whether there is some workaround to implement this via normal Quote Templates, I have a few templates to be created, not single one, so I think the visualforce way would take much effort right? 
If you see the standard process, once you select the quote - the next step is to create the PDF directly and I believe we can't really add something between this step and next to have the fields on the quote PDF altered.

Guess that leaves us the VF route to take though it might take some effort.