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Siva SakthiSiva Sakthi 

Changing custom settings in the Installed Managed Package


We just released a managed package of an app which uses a third party tool ( Vertical Responce ) for sending mails. The credentials of the tool are kept in the custom settings of the app.

Is there a possibility to change the custom settings values (Vertical Responce Credentials)  when the app is installed in another Org.This is requires as the app buyer may want to purchase an account from vertical responce with a different credential; not as the one we tested.

Kindly advice.

Thanks in Advance,

Hi , 

The short answer is no. Once a component is packaged it is unable to be changed.

All the information about Packaging can be found here

It is possible for Salesforce to roll back a managed package from final to beta, but there are strict conditions, the package can not be installed in any orgs. So it sounds like you are in luck, uninstall it from the demo org and log a case with Salesforce.

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