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Formula field using display value


I have 3 fields
Base_Line_Hrs__c,Base_line_Billing_Rate_In_SOW_Currency__c these fields are 'Number format'.
FX_Rate_to_USD__c this field 'Formula(Number)' in this field i written formula like this

ISBLANK( FX_Rate_to_USD__c ),
Base_line_Billing_Rate_In_SOW_Currency__c * Base_Line_Hrs__c,
Base_line_Billing_Rate_In_SOW_Currency__c * Base_Line_Hrs__c * FX_Rate_to_USD__c

But it's not working, I need like this

if the FX rate is blank it multiplies only the Currency and Hrs..
else if FX rate is not blank, then it multiplies Currency, Hrs & FX rate ..

Thanks in adv.
You are calling a formula field from a formula, execution order makes a difference here...  Ideally you should create a workflow to update your field. 

Karan Khanna 6Karan Khanna 6
I concur with alibzafar!
i changed the field name formula to 'Number'
But result is same.

Please help me
ISBLANK( Opportunity_Margin_Template__r.FX_Rate_to_USD__c),
(Base_line_Billing_Rate_In_SOW_Currency__c * Base_Line_Hrs__c),
(Base_line_Billing_Rate_In_SOW_Currency__c * Base_Line_Hrs__c) *Opportunity_Margin_Template__r.FX_Rate_to_USD__c
Karan Khanna 6Karan Khanna 6
you mean you have created different field of data type Number called as Opportunity_Margin_Template__r.FX_Rate_to_USD__c ?