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URL masking of domain name for sites

Hi ,

Actually while creating the site domain name in salesforce, it would be like "mycompany.force.com".

My client is asking, he needs the site url like "mycompany.com" i'e with out "force" word from the URL.

Is there any possiblity to make domain/ URL name like"http://mycompany.com"

Please guide me how to do it.

You should be registering the CNAME(custom domain name) for site,as CNAME would redirect it to the URL where it has been CNAME'ed.

Go through the below link to learn more :-



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I am pretty sure that you cannot remove this "force.com" from the URL in salesforce. One idea I can think of is having a site "mycompany.com" created on a server and redirect this to "mycompany.force.com". Not sure if you will be happy with this. this is just my idean and I did not implement this.
May be you can raise a case with salesforce to see if they any other better option. Keep me posted.
You can't remove the standard URL(i.e. with force.com) unless you have a custom domain or CNAME registered.