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Is it possible to do integration from wordpress to salesforce?


I have one requirement in which i want to push data from wordpress page to salesforce object.

In Example,

I have one registration page in wordpress and when i hit save, the data of registration form needs to be save as salesforce custom object record.

Is it possible to achieve ?
This might provide you with some insights


Wordpress to salesforce is supported using rest api. You can find developemt resources on wordpress.org. It has public api with Auth2 support. Let me know if you need more help

thank you for you support and help. i will get back to you in case i need more help..

Thank you once again.
shaurya kaneshaurya kane
I need help with the same thing and im new to salesforce and i havent got any support for my queries from salesforce either.,
It wud be great if you'll could help me with this one. 
I have a registration forrm on wordpress (php code) and i want that data to go into the lead/contacts table of the salesforces . how do i do that what is the REST api i have to use and how??
Would mean a lot if anyone could help me .
John KlokJohn Klok
Hello Dharmik,
Yes we can possible to do integration from WordPress to Salesforce, Just visit salesforce custom portal for more.
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