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assign different Pagelayout for different workflow

Hey Friend,

I m creating email 3 template
Eg.1)Thank you for submitted issue.2)issue assigned to user 3)your issues has been solved.
and then creating 3 workflow.
Now I want page layout for this 3 different workflow.
I m creaing 3 pagelayout
1)submitted issue
2)assigned user
3)issue resolved

Now what the next  Process i want to follow???/??

Your requriment is not too much clear and if you want assign or change the layout then you have to use Record Type. Based on record type you can assign different layout to every record type.


We can achieve this by creating three record types each for different pagelayout.

Assign these recordtype to each page layout.
in the workflow action along with the sending email change the record type pf the page which will change the pagelayout accordinlgly.
Here is the video to undersatnd this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyVNS0M02w4