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Pratik Surti 3Pratik Surti 3 

Salesforce Knowledge Article Anchor is not working

Hi, We have articles created using multilingual knowledge in Salesforce. The article have field rich text.

We are using anchor for navigation in same page. Anchor works fine in English but not in french and other languages.

I checked clicking on Source button and found in french lang the anchor name is not populated.

English (Working):
Link: <a href="#Required parts"><span class="ref_span">
Anchor: <a name="Required parts">Required parts</a></div>

French version (Not Working):
Link: <a href="#Pièces Requises"><span class="ref_span">
Anchor: <a name="" target="_blank">Pi&egrave;ces requises</a></div>

I tried work around each time clicking on source and put the name in anchor which works fine but its not good for user and publishers to go and manually change each time. Also this work around doesn't work in IE8.

Need your important inputs.. Thanks..
Does this happen with all foreign language anchors, or only those with non-standard characters? In other words, is it a symptom of the entire translated article, or just where an accent character is encountered? 

Pratik Surti 3Pratik Surti 3
We detected this issue with French and Finnish Languages and have not tried with other languages (May be the issue present in other lang). 

For English, this is working fine.