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Eclipse IDE Error on Deploy

Following Knowledge Article Number: 000006188 (https://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewSolution?id=000006188&language=en_US)

I am trying to delete an old trigger in my production org which no longer passes code coverage tests, so I can't use any change sets.  
I installed Java, Eclipse, Force IDE, etc.  When I get to the second to last line, "Select Force.com > Deploy to server." is greyed out for me.  
What am I doing wrong?

I am not sure if I understand, are you trying to deploy or delete?

so I assume your eclipse project is connected to a Salesforce org? You can select the item you want to delete and click on delete and you can click 'Preview' to see it gets deleted from eclipse and server(salesforce).

Hope this helps

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According to the article I referenced, I have to download the trigger from my sandbox, change the status to "Deleted", and then deploy into my production org.  But I do not have the option to deploy.