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Deployment Issue

Hi All

I am facing one problem when i am deploying eclipse to production.

i have one existingg project which is in my local system.

i ahs import that file in eclipse 1st .it stored in eclipse without src folder.when i am going to deply to server its showing --unable to deploy-no deployable resource found error will came

can any body share there knowledge to solve my problem
Gaurav NirwalGaurav Nirwal

The steps to deploy are:1. Launch the new Force.com project wizard

2. Enter your credentials, select the components to download, finish

3. Once your project is created and files are downloaded, right-click on your project and select Force.com > Deploy to Server

4. Enter your credentials, selet the components to deploy, finish


It's pretty simple, so either there's something obvious we're both missing, or you've found a bug.  The more detail you can provide about what you're doing and seeing in the IDE, the faster we can get to the bottom of this
SFDC DummySFDC Dummy
How to select the component to download that is in my local system is it possible. how to import existing project which is in my system.