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Write Account Team Member to Custom Object lookup field

    I'm trying to create a trigger on my Custom Object named Survey that places an Account Team Member of role = CJ Advertiser Account Director into my lookup field Current AD Test.  I am receiving this error for the below:

"Error: Invalid Data. 
Review all error messages below to correct your data.
Apex trigger AccountDirector caused an unexpected exception, contact your administrator: AccountDirector: execution of BeforeInsert caused by: System.SObjectException: SObject row was retrieved via SOQL without querying the requested field: AccountTeamMember.AccountId: Trigger.AccountDirector: line 18, column 1"
trigger AccountDirector on Survey__c (before update, before insert) {
    Set<Id> accountIds = new Set<Id>();
    for (Survey__c survey: Trigger.new) {
    Map<Id, Id> accountToTeamMemberMap = new Map<Id, Id>();

    for (AccountTeamMember teamMember: [
        select UserId
        from AccountTeamMember
        where AccountId in :accountIds and
            TeamMemberRole = 'CJ Advertiser Account Director'
    ]) {
        accountToTeamMemberMap.put(teamMember.AccountId, teamMember.UserId);
    for (Survey__c survey: trigger.new) {
        if (accountToTeamMemberMap.containsKey(survey.Account__c)) {
            survey.Current_AD_Test__c = accountToTeamMemberMap.get(survey.Account__c);

Best Answer chosen by Jemill
you need to have the SOQL to include the accountId.

Select UserId, AccountId from AccountTeamMember..