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P AshwinP Ashwin 

Opportunity.CurrencyIsoCode does not belong to SObject type AggregateResult

I have installed Recurring donation npsp package from salesforce foundation and enabled Multi Currency
getting this error - Opportunity.CurrencyIsoCode does not belong to SObject type AggregateResult

Has anyone faced this issue before
Sfdc CloudSfdc Cloud
Hi Ashwin

Might be in installed package there should be queried CurrancyISOCode on opportunity object but You can't use ISO_CODEvalue to represent a value in a particular currency ie. USD.
If a query includes a GROUP BY or HAVING clause, any currency data returned by using an aggregate function, such as SUM() or MAX(), is in the organization's default currency. You cannot convert the result of an aggregate function into the user's currency by calling theconvertCurrency() function.

Refer below link on Querying Currency Fields in Multicurrency Organizations

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