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please correct this button url ?

I have created an  'new Opp' button for opportunity. and placed in Contact related list as list button. i have 2 record types for opportunity. when i click Opportunity from contact related list it opens Opportunity page and after filling details it save successfully.  But for  Some profile users they are unable to save and getting insufficient previligious for one of Record Type. For other record type it works fine for user. As an administritator it works fine for me for both record types. where is the problem ?  here is my button code.

Hi anvesh,

The problem with record type permissions for the profiles.
Check the profiles and give the recordtype permissions to the the profiles for which you are getting error.
Then they can able to get rid of this error.

Where to give...when i saw record type...seems to be he has permission for that record Type.....
But when he create  oppoertunity directly with that recordtype , he is able to save. but unable to from contact related list
So when you go to that user's Profile, in the "Record Type Settings" section, he has access to that Record Type? You can also check the Field Level Security for the Record Type field.