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Urgent Help required to Use USERMEMBERSHIPSHARINGRULE in apex ?

Hi I am trying to create Auto User Sharing Rule , Which will share a public group with public group the above object fits for the requirement .But not able to use it since on using getting Compile Error.
Code in Apex class :
UserMembershipSharingRule oUserMembershipSharingRule =new UserMembershipSharingRule();
UserMembershipSharingRule.GroupId= spaceid; //spaceid is the public groupid
UserMembershipSharingRule.UserOrGroupId= spaceid;
UserMembershipSharingRule.UserAccessLevel = 'Read';

Error: Compile Error: No access to entity: UserMembershipSharingRule at line 1 column 8 "
PratikPratik (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Vj,

UserMembershipSharingRule' is Metadata not an object however performing operations on it is possible.

You can refer to this: