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Bill FoxBill Fox 

GoDaddy want to know MX records to route my email.

I have a web site at godaddy and want to send all my email to force.com without setting up email boxes on godaddy. Here is what GoDaddy is asking:

"You will need to ask your email company for their MX Records (Mail Exchange Records). Once you have those you can call us and we can show you where to put them into your domain name."
I don't believe you can do this. You'll need to have a mailbox setup somewhere for email-> case etc to read.
Bill FoxBill Fox
Thanks Kevin,
I have done it.  

I wrote my ap in force.com so that I can recieve any email and write to a file.  I then can you apex to assign to a user.  I am going to have 22,000 users and do not want to set up 22,000 emails on godaddy and then forward those 22,000 email accounts to 22,000 force.com emails (to much maintenance).

At go GoDaddy i can set a catch all email that is forwarded to an email in force.com using apex code in force.com.  However, when i process the envelope information the "toAddress" shows the forwarded to address "mail@o-2fgxxxxxxx4uc0hh57uxxxxxxxxxxxxxckff1o97icmg14211knonz.f-gkdymaq.na10.apex.salesforce.com" entered at Godaddy.  
I want to keep my web site at Godaddy and they said i just need to get the MX records, so they can point the mail service to force.com.
Bill FoxBill Fox
The bottom line is I want to capture the "toAddress" for whom the email is intended not the long forwarded address.