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Ashish Chaudhary 11Ashish Chaudhary 11 

Save state of flow workstep

Hi, sfdc champs please help me out from a serious scenario where I want to have the following functionality:
1) I'm having a ful flow with multiple screens.
2) Everthing is working fine using Apex plugins.
3) Now I need to have a functionality in which at a prticular node of flow I want to wait for the approval and then only proceed furthur.
4) Now after the approver user approves then the flow starts from where it was set to wait for the approval.

Please, assist me in the serious issue. Any help is highly appriciated ...
the new "wait" functionality is perfect for this, but I understand it will not work for flows with screens.  solution: write a second flow with the wait and call it from the first one