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Anjali Sharma 87Anjali Sharma 87 

wrapper class with opportunity and task

i want to create a vf page on which i have two object one opportunity and task.
i have created the vf and controller bt i m facing the problem that how to a fetch the value of opportunity and on those opportunity we have task i a single query.
i m not abe to create a relationship query .Can anyone please help me 
I am not sure if you can query Opportunity and its tasks in a single query. What is the problem in using 2 queries?

Puru AnnamalaiPuru Annamalai
Hi Siddhartha,

Pls try this query, it will query the each opportunity and its tasks.
SELECT Id,(SELECT Id FROM Tasks) FROM Opportunity

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Anjali Sharma 87Anjali Sharma 87
Prem yes actually the problem is with task we cannot query  it with task because it does not support bt i create a code for that and its working perfect.In a code i have create two map and one wrapper list ....
But thanx for reply