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Attempting to show lastUpdated knowledge articles on landing page

So, using the following code, I am able to get this working in my Sandbox, but not in my production org
<apex:outputPanel >
<div style="padding-top:25px; padding-left:25px;">
  <h3>Most Recent Articles</h3>
    <knowledge:articleList articleVar="article"
          <li class="folderView"><a target = "_top" class="hyperlink" href="{!URLFOR($Action.KnowledgeArticle.View, article.id)}">{!article.title}</a></li>
</apex:outputPanel >

The classes and sytling and such are all identical in the sandbox as they are to the production org.

Any suggestions on what I can look at to see why this is not populating?
We do have many knowledge articles in our KB, so that is not the issue.
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I found it. the categories definition did not match production.