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Edit Account through Webservice method exposed in a Site

Hello Helper

I  created a simple webservice which  edits  account records  
I want  to give access tu user  to this webservice in non autentificate mode throught Site

I read some article  and I sew that this is possible.
I created a site
I  added my webservice class  to the site user  profile

Hovewer when i opened the Public access settings  I noticed that is NOT  possible to give EDIT  permission for the account object

Ca anybody  comment on this?
Would itr be possible  to  edit an account  with a webservice exposed in Site?

Thanks in advance

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ShashankShashank (Salesforce Developers) 
It is true that you cannot give edit access to standard objects through Public Access Settings.

However, you can work around it by using a custom object. Custom objects can be given edit access. Hence, if you create a custom account object, have the public sitte users see and update this custom object instead, we can then use apex triggers on the custom object to update the account records. I haven't tried it myself though.

Here's another approach: https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/ForumsMain?id=906F000000099TrIAI